skulls rumors debunked

4 Rainbow Room Rumors… Debunked!

  1. Did the historic checkerboard stage really host all that great musical talent?

Oh yeah. Etta James, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, and Joni Mitchell, just to name a few… Andy Griffith was even the house comedian for a number of years before making it big. Skull had a knack for letting young, emerging talent sew their roots on the Rainbow Room stage. In fact, Elvis was so thankful for Skull that once he became famous he gave Skull his now infamous poodles for Christmas, and to top it all off, Elvis had them dyed red and green to commemorate the festive occasion.

2. Was Skull Schulman murdered in the bar?

Skull Schulman in Overalls

Sadly, this one is true. Our beloved previous owner and namesake, David “Skull” Schulman, was a very generous guy, particularly to the homeless population of downtown Nashville. Skull always wore his signature bib overalls at the bar, where it was said he stashed a big wad of cash in the front pocket. On a cold morning in January, two homeless men wandered into the bar and held up Skull with knives, demanding he give them the cash in his pocket. When Skull refused the thieves slashed his throat three different times. Our beloved Skull did not survive the encounter, and the bar shuttered its doors for 17years before opening again in 2015.

3. Is Skull’s Haunted?

Skull outside walking dogs

Well… obviously. Right? Our former owner was murdered INSIDE THE BAR, so of course his spirit is going to stick around and have a little fun in the afterlife. Many witnesses have said they’ve seen an old man walking his poodles up and down the Alley. He’s even been spotted walking right through our speakeasy door, and we get it. It’s a hard place to stay away from…

4. Is Skull the only ghost that haunts Printers Alley?

Southern Turf

Hardly. Let us introduce you to the ghost of Ice Johnson. Ice managed the Southern Turf Building (where Skull’s is located) way back in the day when the original Skull’s was in full swing. Johnson also lived on the third floor of the building, right above the bar. He had a knack for pulling some pranks from time to time on our previous owner, to try and scare him, but ended up quitting the farce when he figured out nothing would ever scare Skull Schulman. However, Johnson was eventually served with an eviction notice. Ice couldn’t bare the thought of leaving the building and vowed he would rather die than leave his home—and apparently, he meant it. Johnson ended up taking his own life in his apartment, and to this day, there are reports of a man peeking out of the abandoned third story window…  We can only assume its Ice keeping his promise.